Web Developer

Web Developer: "A person who develops websites from the ground up. They know the languages they are using (including, but not limited to HTML, Javascript), as well as the style sheets. They may use fancy syntax highlighters, but they don't require them to to successfully create a site"

- Source

I specialize in taking your web site to the next level by adding dynamic features using the latest programming technologies, such as AJAX, jQuery, PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and MySQL.
If you've ever browsed the web and seen a feature on another website that you would like added to your site, but don't know how to go about it, that's where I come in. It might be a simple hover effect, a photo gallery slideshow, or maybe even a Google map with a pinpoint depicting your location. Whatever the feature may be, I can help.
I can also turn your static website into a dynamic website by creating a backend to your website, so that website content is easily modified through a web based interface rather than directly editing the HTML whenever a change needs to be made.
If you are in need of a website, I can build you one. For website design ideas, try these sites: Deonix Design, BuyStockDesign,, Template Monster.

If you have a bug in your website or application that you are unable to fix, or just don't have the time to fix, I can also help. Besides AJAX, jQuery, PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and MySQL, I also have programming experience in C, C++ and Java.